About Us

Some memories cannot be forgotten, especially the memories from your wedding remain vivid and touching throughout the life. So, we should treasure such memories in endearing pictures that would make us happy whenever we go through them. Picsurely knows the significance of memories in life and so document them in heart warming pictures and videos. The lively and adorable pictures and videos taken during your wedding, engagement or any important event will always keep the memories fresh in your mind.

The team of Picsurely comprises of creative and extremely professional photographers and cinematographers who can capture and transform moments into sweet memories through their imagination, experience and eye-catching pictures or videos. They do not miss any of the significant moment of the event and try to portray emotions through candid pictures. We just deliver perfect picture that would make a moment, event or ceremony extraordinary and superb.

We have made our comprehensive photography and cinematography services available in a few metros that usually include Mumbai, Delhi, Goa. The photography services that we provide summarise the following:

• Wedding photoshoot
• Pre Wedding Photoshoot
• Pre Wedding/Save the date Video
• Candid Wedding Photography
• Destination Wedding Photoshoot
• Traditional Wedding Photography
• Cinematic Wedding Video
• Traditional Wedding Video

To know more about out services and booking please write to us or give us a phone call. +91-8080555605.